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Free tips, tricks, strategies, and news on digital marketing, growth marketing, and funnel optimization.
The 3 Social Media Sites That You Aren't Taking Advantage of In Your Business

The 3 Social Media Sites That You Aren’t Taking Advantage of In Your Business

Social media apps and sites pop up with alarming frequency. Also alarming is the rate at which these platforms seem to overtake each other in traffic and popularity. While you can't go wrong growing your influence at the top of the food chain where a couple of massive entities still dominate, you can sure as heck get innovative and ride the wave of newer trends to quickly become a standout resource for potential followers. With...

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5 Quick and Easy Ways to Ruin Your Blog’s Credibility

Blogs are becoming one of the fastest-growing ways for people with common interests to share information, ask questions, and dig deeper into their passion subjects. They also are increasingly being used by companies to build stronger relationships with their customers.   But whether you are publishing your own special interest blog or writing a blog for your corporate masters, your objective needs to be to attract and hold onto the largest possible reader base.   Sounds simple enough, right?...

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WordPress Security – Your Site is Less Secure Than You Think

WordPress is one of the most hacked platforms on the planet. Your chances of having a security breach with a WordPress website is much higher than a plain HTML website or a customer CMS website. It's not because WordPress itself is insecure - In fact, WordPress is extremely secure from a pure security standpoint. It's because of the nature of WordPress.   By nature, WordPress works through add-ons. To make the most of a WordPress site, you need to use a variety of...

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Video Blogging/Vlogging: From Bootstrapped to Pro

Video blogging is a fantastic way to build a rabid following of loyal followers. Video blogging allows your audience to really get to know you. Text only allows a certain portion of your personality to flow through. Video blogging, however, allows you to build a direct, one on one human connection with your viewers.   So how do you get started?   Bootstrapping for Zero Dollars   Say you have a very limited budget. How can you start video blogging today?...

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Four Untapped Traffic Sources

Four Untapped Traffic Sources

One of the major challenges of having your own website is getting enough traffic. This is vital to the success of any website, whether it is an Adsense or affiliate website, or an online business. Below is a look at just four ways to boost your traffic.   High-Profile Content Syndication   Article marketing is becoming very challenging, and simply posting your articles to sites such as EzineArticles.com is no longer sufficient. Using article directories is not ineffective,...

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Are You Retargeting Your Visitors?

Did you know that only about 20% of all first-time visitors to a website will become a conversion on that visit? That means 80% of your site's visitors are leaving without converting/purchasing, even if they want to. With shopping cart abandonment making major waves in the eCommerce industry because of how recoverable these consumers are (studies show that about 68% of all abandoned shopping carts can be recovered), it only makes sense that the people...

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